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Research Developer Cloud

Cloud-native services

Use NeSI's cloud infrastructure and on-demand services to develop and manage custom, interactive solutions.

Programmable infrastructure

Apply DevOps practices enabled by Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate, measure, collaborate, and learn.

Partnership-led approaches

Partner with NeSI's DevOps specialists to build a platform or tools that can benefit your research community.

NeSI is building a research cloud computing platform for easier and more adaptable collaboration around research data.

Research teams can use our Research Developer Cloud to develop novel solutions that enable research.

Get started

We invite you to apply for early access if you are:

  • Developing complex research software and data solutions that support custom workflows and a range of user experiences

  • Seeking a locally owned and sovereign cloud computing platform to build and develop tools that can support research data collaborations

  • Interested in partnering with NeSI to apply DevOps approaches and best practice to your research activities

Apply for early access