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We want to partner with early access users to explore and build scalable approaches for harnessing cloud technologies and DevOps practices in computational research.

Our platform's building blocks include:


Virtual machines optimised for high-performance computational needs. Multiple flavours of CPU and GPU resources to support a range of compute and memory requirements.

→ Get started with our Compute User Guides


Tailored operating systems to meet your research computing and data needs. Ready-to-use options available, as well as capability to create custom images and contribute to a pool of community-developed images.

→ Get started with our Images User Guides


Scalable storage space that can be dynamically mounted to your Compute instances. Options to encrypt storage volumes for added security.

→ Get started with our Storage User Guides


Fast, reliable, and secure connectivity built on the REANNZ national network. Options for network customisation and security groups.

→ Get started with our Networks User Guides


Identity management services to create application credentials and control access to projects.

→ Get started with our Identity User Guides

Object Storage

Openstack S3 compatiable object storage.

→ Get started with our Object Storage User Guides

Application Programming Interface (API)
All services are programmable via a public API to enable repeatable definition of infrastructure through software code.