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Create and Manage


The openstack CLI will need to be setup to interact with the FlexiHPC system. Please read Setting up your CLI environment to interact with FlexiHPC to get started.

Create a new Keypair

Running the following command will generate a new SSH keypair for use on the RDC

openstack keypair create KEY_PAIR_NAME

You will get a response from the server that contains your private key


You will need to take that output and save it to a file. An example below on how to do that:

nano ~/.ssh/id_rdc_key

That will open up and empty file in nano called ~/.ssh/id_rdc_key

You will then want to take the private key response and paste that into the file within your text editor and save it.

You should now have a file under ~/.ssh called idc_rdc_key

We will need to change its permissions so that only you can read and write to the file, run the following command:

chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/id_rdc_key

Import a Keypair

To import a keypair that you have for use on the RDC the command is the same as the create expect with a new parameter

openstack keypair create --public-key PUBLIC_KEY_FILE KEY_PAIR_NAME

You will need to replace PUBLIC_KEY_FILE with the Public Key file location on your machine, running the above command will give no response so you will need to list the key pairs to see if its been successfuly created

List your Keypairs

Running the below command will list all your keypairs that are on the RDC

openstack keypair list
$ openstack keypair list
| Name       | Fingerprint                                     | Type |
| wiki-test  | d5:0a:41:68:e0:84:fc:08:b6:cc:34:23:d8:9a:b4:c3 | ssh  |

Details of a Keypair

Running the below command will show details about the key pair

openstack keypair show KEY_PAIR_NAME
$ openstack keypair show wiki-test
| Field       | Value                                           |
| created_at  | 2023-11-02T20:28:15.000000                      |
| fingerprint | d5:0a:41:68:e0:84:fc:08:b6:cc:34:23:d8:9a:b4:c3 |
| id          | wiki-test                                       |
| is_deleted  | False                                           |
| name        | wiki-test                                       |
| private_key | None                                            |
| type        | ssh                                             |
| user_id     | fb9a3d02c89e4cfdbe64658ad43ece97                |

Adding the paramter --public_key will output the public key for that key pair

openstack keypair show --public-key KEY_PAIR_NAME
$ openstack keypair show --public-key wiki-test
ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAILW2gFl/ax1FW1y5u2ihfJfPow7fFbX/aFsZ4Wv49yY4

Delete a Keypair

To delete a keypair from the RDC run the below command

openstack keypair delete KEY_PAIR_NAME

Their will be no response from the server so running the list command will confirm that the keypair has been removed.