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Compute: Create and Manage

Instances are virtual machines that run inside of the FlexiHPC cloud space.

FlexiHPC offers 2 ways to Launch and instance on the platform:

This is the most user friendly way to get up and running as its all done via the FlexiHPC dashboard.

This is a more advance way of interacting with the FlexiHPC platform. It requires some environment setup however it gives you the most control over the your project within the platform.

After reading one of the above you should be able to connect to the instance using ssh by following Connecting to your instance with SSH

Resizing an Instance

Resizing an instance allows you to scale the instance either up, if your workload requires a bit more grunt, or down, should you no longer need to consume a large amount of resources.

FlexiHPC allows you to resize and instance in 2 ways