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Managing Images

Log into the NeSI FlexiHPC Dashboard

Select the project you would like to deploy the new instance too (Use the project selector on the top left-hand side):

Alt text

Open the Project tab, open the Compute tab and select Images

You should see a list of all images available for your project. You can use the filter to see images that are public,private,shared or community

Images that are public are uploaded and configured by the FlexiHPC team.

Images that are specific to your project are either private or shared

Updating an Image


If you need to modify the image details or metadata, the general practice is to create a new image with the desired changes rather than directly editing the existing one. After creating the new image, you can delete the old image if it's no longer needed.

Find the image you would like to update and then click the down arrow at the end of the image row and select Edit Image

Within the Edit Image dialog you are able to change the following items

Image Details

Image Name


When changing this property be very careful as some ones code or CLI based deployment could be targeting this property. We normally say use Image ID’s when using any CLI or code based deployments to avoid this issue as Image ID’s are GUID’s

Image Description

Image Requirements

Nothing in here should be changed or updated.

Image Sharing

This can be changed at anytime
This can be changed at anytime

Click on Update Image to apply any changes made to the image.

Deleting an Image

Find the image you would like to delete and then click the down arrow at the end of the image row and select Delete Image

A Confirm Delete Image dialog will appear explaining what image you have selected to delete.


Deleting images is a non-recoverable exercise proceed with caution

If you are happy to proceed then click Delete Image

The image will then be deleted from the project and underlying storage.